Visionary developer, encouraging Architect, hot blooded team and a brownfield site everything worked like positive charm in this building.

Being a brownfield opportunity for Vishwanath Builder’s the goal here was to scale up this expanse of land into a well defined public space, to be used by more than 200 different people including visitors in retail spaces.

There is this decorative entrance made of Cor ten Steel which follows the colour palette of native trees & feature walls, plus.. cherry on the cake, the most commendable entrance lobby (With North Compass ) designed to keep the intention of the Place alive with the play of light & colours.

The Charismatic Chiaro-scuro in the buzzing City Life of #ahmedabad we are adding another masterpiece to our list of buildings , composed of distance elements of lights & shades.. the lines used by #9thstreetarchitects have been followed to define this Retail Plaza on G+2 and offices on the top and together this composition to catch everyone’s eye on the vibrant junction (Opp LD college in Univ. Area) coz it shines through the night.

When we relate the space and landscape, the first thing which comes to our senses is ‘earth.. which is unavailing for the vertical living.. this is one of the projects by Vishwanath Builders ‘ where the material palette, the planting and time were constraints. And we came up with the idea of (all season) terrace at even 45 degrees heat, composed of the different characters of light.

Built on the site of a Dilapidated Residential Complex , the architecture embodies an enlightened philosophical framework. Its forms promise to open and engage the university culture with an act of attraction rather than imposition The complex’s exterior surfaces rise from its surroundings to define a series exhibition and performance spaces within, inviting the urban fabric of the city into the heart of building.


Outer elevation lighting consultant is from ‘FRANCE’.With our traditional penchant for research and working with savant people in the vertical. we’ve created an lighting experience which is minimal yet bold & builds a strong recall value.


VM Zinc matreial imported from FRANCE which is used it for outer elevation. We are the 1st builder in Gujarat to use it.


We have separate elevators, one exclusively for showrooms and other 2 for office members. We are using ‘KONE elevators’ for the project. It’s speed is 1.0 mtr/sec


‘DGU’ glasses ( Double Glazed Unit ) It acts as a barrier. This helps in energy saving and reducing recurring Electrical costs. It is resistant to UV light and prevents the fading of Fabric and furniture.

NORTHVIEW – Redevelopment


Vishwanath Northview project is the redevelopment of Northview Flats at Univercity Road, Ahmedabad.

Let us run through the entire process of how the building into redevelopment, what challenges the company faced and what is the status quo of the project







Northview Flats was a building which was more than thirty-five years old. With the structure being decades old, it started experiencing certain constructional issues..

Vishwanath Builders decided to change the face of Northview Flats and bring in the right technology, design, concept, durable construction and eco-friendly solutions to the place


Demolishing was one of the biggest challenges that the company faced. Adjacent to the building was a full-fledged road with moving traffic. While on the other side was a residential complex. In such a situation, demolition became a hassle for both the redeveloper as well as the residents and passers-by.

Thus, the demolition had to be done with utmost caution without disturbing the nearby residents or the moving traffic. The demolition was carefully done keeping in mind all the concerning factors. Once the structure was demolished, redevelopment started in full-force.


The company brainstormed a lot and after due consideration, decided to carry on the legacy of the structure. The redeveloped structure was once again called “Northview Flats”.

Vishwanath Builders understands the importance of a house but it also understands the sentiments attached to it. A house is a living structure of one’s hard work and sacrifices. The company aspires to keep the same flame burning alive through its construction and planning.