NORTHVIEW – Redevelopment


Vishwanath Northview project is the redevelopment of Northview Flats at Univercity Road, Ahmedabad.

Let us run through the entire process of how the building into redevelopment, what challenges the company faced and what is the status quo of the project







Northview Flats was a building which was more than thirty-five years old. With the structure being decades old, it started experiencing certain constructional issues..

Vishwanath Builders decided to change the face of Northview Flats and bring in the right technology, design, concept, durable construction and eco-friendly solutions to the place


Demolishing was one of the biggest challenges that the company faced. Adjacent to the building was a full-fledged road with moving traffic. While on the other side was a residential complex. In such a situation, demolition became a hassle for both the redeveloper as well as the residents and passers-by.

Thus, the demolition had to be done with utmost caution without disturbing the nearby residents or the moving traffic. The demolition was carefully done keeping in mind all the concerning factors. Once the structure was demolished, redevelopment started in full-force.


The company brainstormed a lot and after due consideration, decided to carry on the legacy of the structure. The redeveloped structure was once again called “Northview Flats”.

Vishwanath Builders understands the importance of a house but it also understands the sentiments attached to it. A house is a living structure of one’s hard work and sacrifices. The company aspires to keep the same flame burning alive through its construction and planning.

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